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Enhance the core of your business witha powerful Portfolio Management System
Why you NEED a PMS
If you need an information platform to help you keep automatic track of project status, funding, investment rounds, and ownership.
If you want to gain high levels of visibility both from a strategic and a tactical perspective by generating historical or real-time data, which could facilitate you to make informed decisions.
If you want to have effective management of different operations teams across the project under a one-stop shop while achieving efficient and convenient accounting management of investment reports.
If you want to manage your existing investment project activities while also being able to link your wallet account to the platform for investment fundraising-related trading activities.
Why should you choose ChainUp Custody PMS
The PMS user interface is fully customizable, depending on the needs of customers to access or leverage all your investment data. With mobile capability, customers can access project information everywhere.
ChainUp Custody PMS could help clients confidently make decisions that will grow your business. Easily compare performance across different accounts and portfolios, drill down into dashboards and charts, and share custom, role-based reports with different shareholders.
ChainUp Custody PMS keeps all your processes in one place, making it easy for managers to monitor the progress of various orders and process data.
Aggregate first- and third-party data across multiple projects, investments, and asset types to reveal crucial insights, giving you total visibility into the performance of every real estate asset across your portfolio.
Product Overview
Engineered by financial professionals, ChainUp Custody’s Portfolio Management Software provides you with a full suite of investment management tools. Our platform is designed to deliver the analytics, views and reports you need to stay on top of your strategies.
Analysis & Data management
Rael time Price feeds
Connections with custodians
Multi-Portfolio position keeping
Performance analysis
Custom Reporting
Cash Reconciliation
Financial services
Crypto Structured Products
Series Accounting
Fund Raising
Redemption and Subscription
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