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Self custody-MPC wallet
MPC Wallet at an enterprise level: One of the most secure wallets currently available that enable you to self-manage your private keys
Distributed storage capabilities for private key
Overall implementation of the MPC technology enables ChainUp Custody to assure your investment assets that are behind the highest grade security available on the market. The user's private key will be managed jointly by the user and ChainUp Custody, you have complete control over your assets and you can use them at any time without any limitation. MPC technology not only makes recovery easier but also simultaneously increases secure self-custody by removing the single point of failure of a private key.
Transaction Monitoring and Auditing for the whole process
Private Key Generation
Shares Distribution
Key shares:Stored by customer
Private key shares are generated and stored by the customer and used to initiate all interactions and complete transaction signatures.
Customers have 100% control over their assets.
Key shares:Stored by ChainUp Custody
Private key shares are safely secured by ChainUp Custody.
Combining MPC with hardware isolation.
Protecting data by disaster recovery technology.
All private keys are generated and controlled entirely by customers
Co-sign: Shares Combination
Verify Transaction
More than just HIGH-EFFICIENCY:high-level SECURITY
For institutional investors, the safekeeping of keys, addresses, and digital assets is essential to their business operation.
ChainUp Custody‘s custodial product: Self custody-MPC wallet provides customers with multi-layered security to tailored governance over their assets, private keys management, and disaster recovery.
Trading data protection
MPC allows each co-signing component to audit which of the keys participated in the signing without it being made public to outsiders and therefore provides a thorough and trustworthy record to allow for true accountability.
Fast application development
You do not need to deal with the technicalities involved in securing your crypto assets as ChainUp custody will take care of the whole process. It enables easy access, especially for new users.
Advantages of choosing Self custody-MPC wallet in ChainUp Custody
Manage your multiple addresses
Lower miners’ fee
Better Operational Flexibility
Supports many blockchains
7*24 ongoing expert support
Protect your digital assets
Keys are stored on multiple servers
Eliminate single points of failure
Entirely user controlled
Free from third-party risks
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The most trusted digital asset custody platform
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